Corporate Overview
Media Management (MM) was formed in 1984 with the mission of integrating traditional and digital media. Over the last two decades, Media Management has been a leading multimedia pioneer.

As an application developer, MM has created more than a dozen custom, high performance multimedia authoring systems for corporate America, including American Airlines, AT&T, Northern Telecom, Pioneer Electronics, and United Artists. Media Management's commitment to customer service helps guide its clients through leading edge technologies while avoiding bleeding edge pitfalls.

As a systems integrator and VAR, MM has delivered hundreds of professional animation, paint, print, training and video editing systems. MM strives to develop long-term relationships with firms that understand the advantages and value of an expert technology partner. MM provides its clients with long-range multimedia guidance, including what and when not to buy.  

MM founder and industry guru, Cliff Johnson, personally consults with dozens of Fortune 500 firms and governmental agencies to help insure accurate multimedia planning and implementation. Over 100 of Johnson's editorials and reviews have appeared in industry publications such as Windows Sources, Videography, Color Imaging, PC Graphics & Video, TV Broadcast, Broadcast Engineering, and others.

MM's corporate headquarters, located in suburban Atlanta, is equipped with satellite and high-bandwidth fiber connections to provide us unfettered communications. Our web and media server bank is located in northeast Atlanta at one of the world's largest data centers and is connected to the internet via multiple OC-192 super-pipes.

Development Projects
In 1986
, for Prime Cable Inc., MM developed the first computer-based classified advertising channel system, Digital Talk Show®. The system incorporated full color images, advanced text-to-speech, digital audio, and continuous background music.

In 1987
, for Los Alamos National Labs, MM developed the first 32-bit videographics frame buffer system to interface to a Cray Research supercomputer.

In 1988,
for the Aspen Institute and Northern Telecom, MM developed the first interactive presentation system to provide two second access to over eight hours of video material and hundreds of full color digital images. This system is still in use at the Institute's Maryland facility almost 16-years later.

Also in 1988,
for United Cable/United Artists & Pioneer Electronics, MM developed MallVision®, a creation/authoring/runtime/billing system for point-of-sale advertising in shopping malls and retail stores. MallVision was the first such system to incorporate multiple videowalls, videodiscs, digital audio, and full color computer images.

In 1989 & 1990,
for American Airlines Pilot Training, MM developed the first network-based interactive authoring system to incorporate high-resolution vector graphics, full color bitmapped images, digital audio, and touch screen interface.

In 1992,
for AT&T, MM developed the first Wide Area Network-based messaging system to incorporate broadcast television signals, digital audio, and textual messages.
In 1995 & 1996, Media Management designed and implemented the EarthChannel internet site incorporating over 900 pages and 1200 graphics. Designed as a information portal site, presented 6 monthly e-zines throughout 1995 & 1996 and became one of the top-50 visited sites on the internet in 1996. The EarthChannel was also one of the first internet sites to incorporate streaming media, presenting interviews with a wide variety of artists and musicians. has since been repositioned as a stream hosting site.
In 1997,
MM began offering high-quality streaming services via its subsidiary, EarthChannel Communications, Inc. now provides both live and VOD services specifically designed for the small to midsize organization that appreciates one-on-one customer service, fast response to enquiries and needs, as well as aggressive pricing. As a member of the Hughes Broadband Alliance and exclusive supplier of all Hughes/PanAmSat streaming media encoders, EarthCaster and EarthChannel are helping to provide high quality streaming for broadband users.
In 1998, for AT&T, MM developed, VBS®, the first internet-based messaging system to incorporate broadcast television signals, digital audio, and textual messages. VBS is still in use in AT&T's Colorado and Georgia facilities. 
In 2000, MM developed what became the first commercially available internet encoder for professional use. Now known as the EarthCaster line of high-quality encoders, these products are currently used to stream some of the most popular live video streams on the internet, including FashionTV and Bloomberg Television.

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